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Category Grids

Easily create flexible category grids for your products. Control the column amount, auto masonry layout, coloring, text alignment, spacing and more!

Aroma Diffusers

7 products

Essential Oil Blends

21 products

Essential Oils

79 products

Oil Burners

14 products


19 products


17 products


14 products


175 products

Crystal Spheres

6 products

Wands & Specimens

20 products

Gift Sets & Baskets

6 products

Health Products

11 products

Home Décor - Crystal Healing

117 products

Incense, Smudge & Sprays

164 products

Backflow Cones

18 products

Incense Burners & Holders

29 products

Incense Sticks

82 products

Incense Cones

12 products

Smudge & Room Sprays

24 products


12 products

Crystal Jewellery

118 products

Fashion Jewellery

12 products

Meditation & Yoga

34 products

Singing Bowls

10 products


24 products

Mala Beads

9 products


27 products

Angels & Cherubs

78 products

Bathroom Heaven

29 products

Angel Brooch/Pin Keepsake

25 products

Books & Box Sets

32 products

New Baby/Christening Gifts

19 products

Buddhas & Oriental Figures

32 products

Candles, Tea-lights

43 products

Fairies & Unicorns

11 products

Animal Themes

56 products

Chimes & Sun-catchers

16 products

Other Figurines & Statues

49 products

Gift Voucher

1 product


16 products

Numerology Report

11 products

Religious Figurines

1 product

Holy Medals & Prayers

38 products


9 products

Salt Lamps

6 products

Soy Wax Melts

91 products

Tarot & Oracle Cards

222 products


31 products

Tarot Boxes & Bags

5 products

Tapestries & Wall Hangings

13 products


58 products

Angel Figurines

22 products

Angels, Buddhas, Figurines

259 products

Bath Bombs

2 products

Bath Salts

4 products

Bathroom Bliss

6 products

Crystal Bracelets

22 products

Crystal Keyrings

10 products

Crystal Pendants

37 products

Crystal Shop

236 products

Crystal Specimens

2 products

Crystal wands

2 products

Electric Wax Melt Burners

2 products

Essential Oils & Wax Melts

240 products

Florida Water

7 products


50 products

Handmade Soap

15 products

Home Fragrance

4 products

Oracle & Tarot Cards, Books

283 products

Oracle Cards

76 products

Other Art Figurines

1 product

Other Lamps

6 products

Raw Crystals

12 products

Sacred Senses Product Exclusives

74 products

Sage & Palo Santo

2 products

Shower and Bath Fluff

4 products

Soy Wax Melts

28 products


34 products

Sterling Silver

14 products


20 products

Tarot Cards

20 products

Tide Jewellery

25 products

Trinkets - Crystal Healing Shop

51 products

Wiccan Jewellery

6 products

Single Product Layouts

Salient offers two additional custom product layouts to help show off your products in the way you see most fit.

Bottom Aligned Thumbnails

Similar to the structure of the default WooCommerce single product layout, but finely tweaked and enhanced with touch enabled sliders. The product thumbnail slider acts as a navigation for the main gallery slider situated above it.

Sticky Product Info

This layout allows your users to scroll freely through your product images while keeping the product information and thumbnails in view at all times.

Product Carousels

Touch friendly product carousel sliders can display in your column choice, full width or contained. Allows for all of the default WooCommerce query parameters as well i.e. Product categories, Product Type, Order By etc.

Advanced Columns

Salient 9.0 now offers precise product column control for WooCommerce product pages. Easily choose between 2-6 columns individually for Desktop, Small Desktop, Tablet and Mobile viewports.

Product Quick View

Introducing the Salient product quick view option. Enable your users to see more product information and images without leaving their current location. The result is a smoother, more intuitive user experience.

YITH Ajax Product Filters Compatible

Salient supports the popular WooCommerce related plugin YITH Ajax product filters and provides enhanced custom styling for the filters.

Ajax Cart In Header

Speed up the shopping process by eliminating extra steps before checking out & increase the over experience for your users.

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