Chakra Bracelets (aka Anxiety Bracelets)

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Chakra Bracelets (aka Anxiety Bracelets)

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These Chakra Healing Diffuser Bracelets are a wonderful invention by nature. Each bracelet has a crystal that resonates with, and balances, each chakra. It also has the volcanic lava stone which is very grounding. Lava stone is porous, meaning you can add a drop of your favourite relaxing essential oils to the stone and it will then slowly diffuse it into the skin. You only need add a drop or two (literally) of essential oil. We have essential oils and essential oil blends here in our online store with a description under each oil. The combination of chakra crystals (harmonises your chakra energy), lava stones (grounds your emotions), and essential oil (aromatherapy) has helped people tremendously to lower anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia etc.

(Note: The metal designs on bracelet may differ than ones in photo)