Zodiac Oracle Cards (Barbieri)


Zodiac Oracle Cards (Barbieri)

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The in-depth study and practice of astrology is complex, and in the hands of an experienced astrologer can be very precise.

This oracle is a brief introduction to a few of the different components of a complete astrological study. It can serve as an initial foray into astrology or can be used on its own as a tool for insight and guidance. You will explore the signs, the planets and the elements. Areas that are not dealt with in detail include the houses (the wedges numbered 1 – 12 in an astrological chart) and aspects (the relationships between the planets in an astrological chart), although you will find a houses-based spread at the end of the booklet.

Astrological charts are created based on the position of the stars at any particular time. Astrologers can create charts based on time of birth, for any moment in time that one wishes to explore, and they can also even make charts that look into the future. There is a branch of astrology called horary astrology, which casts a chart based on the moment a question is asked and uses that chart to divine the answer.

This oracle uses the wisdom of astrology along with the elements of synchronicity to help you divine your own guidance quickly and easily. Just like tarot cards, astrological components have many levels of meaning. The more you study, the more is revealed to you.

To start you off easily, the booklet will provide general meanings and advice that can be easily extrapolated to most questions and situations. The signs will be explained first, then the planets, and finally the elements. At the end of the card interpretations you will find a few ways to use the cards.

26 cards and instruction booklet.