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Ear candling can be helpful in case of:
– chronic ear problems (compacted earwax, ear aches, sinus problems)
– colds, catarrh, headaches, sore throats
– hay fever, allergies
– for everyone who: works outdoors or in dusty places, flies regularly, does water sports

DISCLAIMER: Ear candling is a complementary therapy and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If in a doubt about your health please consult your doctor, therapist or pharmacist.

What is ear candling?

Ear candling is a simple naturopathic therapy that can also be used at home. Placed in the opening of the ear canal, the burning ear candle’s warmth and the slight vibration of the air inside the candle improves blood circulation and those have a beneficial effect on the ear, nose and throat area. It is important to mention that ear candling is a very relaxing experience, which can ease symptoms of stress.

How ear candles are made?
The word ‘ear candle’ is slightly misleading because it is not like a traditional candle. The ear candle is hollow, it does not have a wick and it is made from cotton linen dipped into a mixture of beeswax and mineral wax. The effects of the candle can be enhanced by using essential oils. In this case the inner surface of the candle is infused with the essential oils or they are added to the wax mixture.

What are ear candles good for?
In case you do not have any health problems, you can use them for relaxing and help the natural removing of ear wax. The mild warmth and vapours of the ear candle make the ear wax soft and expand so it removes naturally within a few days. Ear candling can be helpful in case of ear problems, respiratory problems, colds or stress symptoms.

How long have ear candles been used?
According to certain sources the use of ear candles can be traced back to antiquity. What we know exactly, is that ear candles or ear cones made from leaves or herbs, bark or textile, and have been used in folk medicine for centuries. This traditional healing method is used by some Siberian tribes nowadays too.

Earwax in the ear candle or what does the ear candle draw out?
First of all: the ear candle does not draw out anything! It is the most popular misconception about ear candling, that the candle draws out the earwax, bacteria etc. from the ear and it is just not true! The ear candle is not able to produce this kind of vacuum. It is true that the air column moves gently inside the candle, but this light vibration is only enough to the „massage” of the eardrum and to stimulate the energy points of the ear. Ear candling can contribute to the hygiene and health of the ear but it does not draw or suck out anything.

What is that white dust and wax-like material in the ear candle after the treatment?
These materials are the burn residues of the ear candle (wax and cotton). According to certain therapists this residue can indicate health problems of the ear, we suggest to consult a naturopath for further information. So the residue does not come from the ear (it can be found also in a candle that was burnt in our hands) but it can help putting up a diagnosis of the ear.

How often can I have ear candling?
The number of treatments differs individually. If you are healthy, for relaxing or ear-cleaning one treatment per month is enough. In case of health problems, one treatment per ear is needed daily. You have to treat both ears because it is a pair of organs and the parts of the cavity system are closely related. You can have a daily treatment for five – seven days then you have to have a week off. If your problems do not get better for a longer period of time, please consult your doctor.

Does ear candling hurt?
A correct ear candling treatment never hurts. You must not put the candle too deep into the ear and we suggest to keep the instructions. Ear candling is a soothing and relaxing process. If any kind of discomfort or pain occurs during the treatment, then it has to be stopped immediately.

Can I do ear candling on myself?
It is not advised to do ear candling treatment on ourselves. We suggest to ask a person who lights the candle, puts it in the proper place in the ear, holds the candle in the right position during burning and puts it out at the end of the treatment. PLEASE NEVER DO EAR CANDLING ON YOURSELVES!

Organic ear candles
Naturhelix Organic Ear Candles are made from organic beeswax and organic unbleached cotton linen supplied by controlled manufacturers. The natural colour and honey fragrance of the candles are due to the high quality organic ingredients. The organic candles are hand-made without additives or colorants in a special, isolated area.