Ice Quartz


Ice quartz bears positive vibrations that alter one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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Ice quartz is a charming crystal that harnesses magical powers that cleanses, restore and balance. This healing crystal helps purge destructive energies, neutralize constructive ones, and mend everything in between and will be beneficial to spiritual practitioners, empaths, and people who are having self-doubts, self-limiting beliefs, and feeling stuck.

Ice quartz has light energy that induces relaxation and at the same time dissolves all worries, negative thinking, and unknown fear of uncertain things and situations. This allows the individual to live a carefree life and be free from unhealthy thoughts.

This healing stone has a soft energy that repairs and mends a broken heart due to traumatic past situations, guilt feelings, unmet expectations, and longing for something missing. Its positive vibrations will dissolve those negative energies that create wounds in the heart and replace them with soft energy that mends and leaves a beautiful scar. The beautiful scar that makes you who you are today and what makes you unique.

Ice quartz emits mighty energy that uplifts a person’s belief in himself. It enhances self-reliance, self-esteem, and positive self-regard. It sets forth a strong belief to overcome any challenges, trials, and obstacles ahead.

Note: This is a natural product, size and shape of all stones will vary.